Blessed with 3 Miracles

Adam and I have exciting news to share. First we were blessed with our son Pierce through Public adoption, then we were blessed with our son Isaac through International adoption, and now I am 19 weeks along with our third blessing via the biological root. This miracle comes after 4 heartbreaking miscarriages, and very little hope that this way of having children would be a possibility for me. But we felt like we should keep trying simply because we had a feeling that there was a child that was meant to come to us through this way. In no way does it feel more exciting than adoption, and I am so blessed to have my children in any way God chose to bring them into my family's life. The due date is September 10, but since I will likely be induced (due to being higher risk) I could have another bundle in my arms as soon as the end of August. 

Our pregnancy happened the good ol' fashion way and I am currently not receiving any special care (and I hope it continues to stay that way). I am considered higher risk just because of my history of pregnancy losses, but I continue to pray and hope that God will keep this baby in our lives here on earth. Prayers, however, would be appreciated because I often get anxious and am constantly checking for a heartbeat with my doppler. But God is bigger than my worries and I do my best to rely on Him.  

We will be doing a gender reveal very soon because we do have an idea of what we are carrying and are excited to share it with you all :) Boy or girl, we are very happy to welcome another kiddo into our Circus ;)

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